Helen Breil Stamps

I believe that I now carry the full l ine of Helen Breil rubber stamps on my etsy site (ArtisticRenderings). 

There have been a lot of blog views on my other post so I thought I would show another of her stamps and this is one of my favorites.  

Although I carry a happy medium of rubber stamps they seem to just sell like hot cakes ... ie:  Helens' Fandango and Tango seem to be the favorites and the ones I replace the most often...

I like that there is a big difference in all of her stamps as well as those of her husband Mike.  So many artists get stero typed and I hate when I see that happen,,,,but understand also why it does......that is where they excel.

Zentangles are the neatest and although I remember doing them in school back in the 60's..... my doodles of today look like hen scratching compared to the zentangle artists I see....so these stamps are nice "cheaters" for those of us who find difficulty with this type of art.  

I am so anxious to work with these as well as the others I have added to my own personal "stash" so have to get my thinking hat on and figure out just how I would like to use them "differently" than expected....  Love the impressions on clay...crisp, clear, and FUN....  


  1. After years of designing and handcarving my own designs to press into ceramic clay, imagine my delight to see all the different designs you have found and carry, ready to use! On reading to the bottom entry here, I spotted Helens' Tango stamp and instantly saw why it appeals to so many!
    Don't get me wrong, there's something appealing to being able to say that all the designs I use to make jewelry components, tiles, and ornaments are my own, but if I had not thought I had to carve my own (and hadn't worked in so many mediums that crumbled terribly after only a half dozen uses or so), I might have had the time to explore metal clay, polymer clays, printing and painting and so much more.
    Thanks for finding me, Diane, and for leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for me to find you, here. It's always a treat to meet a new & artistic Etsy Shop Neighbor!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments. The stamps I sell are awesome and I like each of the lines for their clarity....



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