NEW........ Dynasty Black Gold HAT TRICK brushes

When I first saw these brushes on the Dynasty blog site I thought "these sure look like they
would be fun".  I went on  line to where I normally purchase my FM brushes on Amazon and they are so new they didn't have them listed I went back to the blog and commented questioning where they could be purchased and then got super busy and kinda forgot about them.

Today when I got the mail there was a manila envelope from FM and I thought "hmmmm, wonder what's inside".  Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened the package and inside were the 3 different types.

Left:  Sides and longer than middle.
Middle:  All are equally level
Right:  Sides are shorter than the middle

If you want to see what they "do" or what another artist has created with them go to the Dynasty Blog which is edited by Karyn Meyer-Berthel at  You will be glad you did.

The name.....well the Canadians will know.  In hockey when there are 3 goals in one game by a player it is referred to as a "HAT TRICK" and was designed to pay homage to hockey in Canada.  How "neat" is that?

I have been using FM Black Gold Dynasty brushes for more than 10 years ...  and how I wish I would have found them sooner.  Neither of the Tole Shops where I lived carried them so it wasn't until I went to a Vegas convention that I discovered them and a couple of more years until I found them online.  I have no brush fatigue when I use them as the handles are just the perfect size....and when one talks about quality.......a picture is worth a thousand words....  I use several different lines I and even have my own landscape brush set available on my Etsy site.

Does your brush hinder or help you?  If it doesn't help or do what you want maybe you need to try.....

My favorite lines are:

Faux Squirrel
Dynasty Foliage Wave
Dynasty Dry Brushes
Eye of the Tiger
Black Gold Micro Detail brushes

It depends on my surface, design and if I use Liquitex, DecoArt or Matisse paints...which brush I settle on.

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