New Altered Art Beginning...

"This" is my next altered art project...(along with several other projects in other mediums) with a few things I have been picking up and putting on the bookshelf that might be feasible additions or....I might not use any at all but at least I "have started" and I am hoping that tomorrow I can spend at least 4 hours in prepping other elements that I am going to use...  I am kinda hoping that this is going to be one of those really "fun" ones like Mother Nature was.

I'm afraid I am not the neatest of artists and have found that what works for me is to have things OUT,,,,not in a cupboard, or in a box, but OUT.  (Sounds good doesn't it?)

Winter is coming so that means more inside than outside so I am hoping I can have a nice list of accomplishments and finished pieces from here till spring.   I just never know about tomorrow so I need to be prepared with several different things at one time.

But anyway stay tuned....  I am wondering if this Beginning to End to with pictures is going to work so I can show the progression...especially if someone wants to follow and do their own piece..  But be prepared to "get hooked".....

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