Helen Breil Shapes Book On DVD

I just finished viewing this book on DVD that I had pretty much convinced myself that I was NOT going to like......format wise as I am one of these women who likes to hold the book, magazine, etc. vs viewing.  I guess maybe it is my "age".... everything else seems to get blamed on age so why not this? 

When it comes to jewelry design, polymer clay, and rubber stamps I am pretty much a novice  so I found the DVD very imformative. some really neat designs,  the photos are great, and it was easy to navigate 
around within the book format on screen which was also a pretty pleasant surprise.

SO.....all in all I would say it was a 8+ out of 10 based on my knowledge level.  I understood what was being written, loved the close ups of the photos, etc.   It is a great learning tool and a DVD I know I will refer back to again and again....(age, ya know) and takes less room to store that magazines.... hmmmmmm.

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