It seems as if it just takes a minute or so for me to "know" that I need to purchase something...or causes
a creative nerve to twitch somewhere.....  I never know quite how it will be used and many times differently than expected.  Silly things are inspirational to me....sometimes it could even be the shape of something...something that makes an item different.    I don't even worry about "broken" anymore...adds a bit of character that I like to see in art and I guess you could say these are my favorite artists who have unconciously taught me through their books, dvds, etc.  and when you can't "see" how something is done, you kinda have no choice but to wing it on your own and do the best you can...which is where you begin to achieve your own style of doing things.  If you can't find the brush size, or even type that the artist recommends pick from your brushes ones that you think might accomplish what the artist has done...or tweek it somehow to avoid doing that particular step.  Something you don't like about a pattern or photo....change it or leave it out.  Use a different surface than the artist or a different palette of colors more to your liking or use a color palette and create your own piece with the colors.  There are so many twists and turns with art...and I have also learned to never say never ...    

I really need to do the Friday night art walk in our town.... to have such a wonderful option and not utilize it is a shame...  That's it I am going this Friday night.

A cigar box from a Smoke Shop here that sells the "empties".  I loved the way this box opened so about once a month I make this a stop on my route into town.  I love cigar boxes (maybe because my father was a cigar smoker, or that he too saved HIS boxes when he could afford a whole box at one time).  So I use them for storage, mixed media/altered art, etc.

I also tlove the little metal cigar tins and used these in our spare bathroom as a row of tile over tile.....
I managed to find enough different with the same beginning and end....and I kinda like the results....Unique, quirky, colorful, neutral, etc.  

Inspiration can be surprising....  

My newest inspiration is a piece of work done by Susan Black called
Botanical Collage and it is in the July/August issue of Cloth Papper Sissors .... one of my favorite magazines.  It is going to be fun to see what happens.   Flat is hard for me so I already know that whatever I do will be a bit more dimensional based on me...   I loved the coffee mottled background ...  and the flowers so will use those from my garden to inspire me colorwise and design wise...

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