Soaking feet Musing

Copyright 7-13    Diana Putnam
Some of the pictures I take ... are just taken "because"as these steps were that lead up from the Seneca Creek/River onto the roadway.  My sister took me down into this area so I could take some pictures....  

What does soaking feet have to do with the picture?  Right now I would absolutely LOVE to be sitting in a comfy chair, with the cold water washing over my hot, aching, overly sensitive, swollen, my alternative is a roasting pan of ice cubes and water  here in my living room 3000 miles away from "the scene" (Westline, Pennsylvania)  where I give them a "dunk every few minutes to kinda numb them....  The cold packs melt in less than a 1/2 hour so are only useful when I go to bed at night......  RSD is NO fun.... so I must learn how to utilize down time to my best advantage until this flare up is over with.  Who would have ever dreampt that a carpet, a plain ordinary soft but nubby carpet could hurt your feet?  

I call it trigimeninal neuralgia of the feet as one just doesn't know what will trigger some kind of pain, itch,  twitch....LOL.... or when,  how bad, and the length of time till you will be able to walk again with some semblance of normaility.

Out in the kitchen I am working on a glass scupture for somewhere....maybe in my garden...or maybe I will sell it...  The entire sculpture is different shaped and designed clear glass pieces of different sizes and shapes and I am just "letting it happen" as it wants...  When I do get up to walk to the kitchen I can take advantage of a view, some thoughts, check out the unused pieces I have 
laying beside the item....and what I might use....  These glass items will be painted with Folk Art
Gallery is my favorite brand of Glass paint.  After it is done I am going to use an Outdoor Sealer to help preserve and will treat it like the art that it will be and bring inside for the winter months....       I feel very fortunate to enjoy so many hobbies...Knitting, crocheting, painting,  jewelry design, reading, music,  clay, encaustics, photography. mixed media, etc..... many of which help me to divert the pain, or break that chain of pain .... so art is for me is really a non chemically induced pain reliever...  

I know that I owe some emails/convos, etc. so please if this pertains to you....I am thinking of everyone and I will eventually get back into my normal groove....the ole' grey mares she ain't what they used to be...... A vacation past has become a day to day "rest period".

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