Porch Time

My porch is one of my most favorite places in the summer time,,,but rarely have I used the time to really enjoy it...but this year I am going to do as much as I can on the porch.  Might even sneak in a short nap on the antique swing in the furthest background ..  I just found another long pillow I can put on the bottom for a deepr cushion....  I love to shut my eeys and just use my senses...to smell the flowers, the frehly cut grass, or the smell of short shower...then I hear the birds chirping...the robin is calling for rain... then hearing the sounds...my husband pounding something in the garage, cars going by, the train on its scheduled pass through.  The gentle breeze,moving the swing ever so gently....  Maybe tomorrow.

When I was back East my sister introduced me to a CD by Chris Wilson a blues singer from Rochester, NY... This voice is calmming, jovial, spiritual, done "his way" and so I have a new musical friend and hopefully I will get to meet him....  Maybe I should add this to my "bucket list"....  it wouldn't hurt to "have one"....

I need to add some evening light...some shades for on the left hand open areas.... a rug for the main floor area, talk my husband into painting it the Dark Plum I have visualized.... and some non fu fu wall decor,  tv,  etc....  I have a vintage bookshelf out there to "alter" and since I know what I want to do....I need add it to my to do list with a star for first pieces.....

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.