PaintWorks October 2013 Issue

In the current issue of PaintWorks (October 213)  one of my favorite artists' has a phenominal design/painting of a red  Gerbera Daisy done on black...... and it is just gorgeous....  There is a definate want to paint this design (and several of her other ones) but I don't "do" oil so I am going to have to convert her colors to Liquitex and see if there is any way I can get a similar/different finished piece rather than not be able to do it at all.

And then there is the Beatrix Meouwser by Kim Christmas.....OMG but this is just so neat... and I think I want to paint this for my granddaugher...and I LOVE the colored pumpkins.... and then we have the Sunflower-y scarecrow---Sunflower Smiles by Deb Antonick Inspired by Terrye French.... then I went to JB Wood Products and purchased 2 Sue Boerman pattern packets (Halloween Designs)....  For some reason this year I am "IN" to Halloween.....  Crazy......

SO......I guess I will be busy.....painting.  It is "IT'S" turn... and tomorrow just may be day #1.

This is a really great issue.....Hats off to the staff and artists....

AUGUST 4. 2013
This weekend I started work on this design.....I have my preliminary painting nearly done and will modify for the 2nd one,  a little more sky, a bit more blue.  I don't really like the highlighting on the trees in my photo so I need to fool around with colors a bit more... and I think I might want to paint the 
final one lengthwise instead of vertically.....  Artistic it.  Maybe some white lilacs??

Copyright  7-13     Diana Putnam

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