Dominoe Necklaces / Halloween

Over the weekend my husband purchased a 10 - 12 drawer cart type "thing-y) at a garage sale for $5.00 so I have decided to use it to store my special papers,   I am REALLY trying to become more organized but seems I am just "spreading out"....  

When I was going through a couple of "piles" I found the skeleton and raven domino collages so I brought them out to do along with the rest of the Halloween Jewelry I have been working on.  

Right before Christmas when I was in either  Ross or Marshals I purchased a box of really nice wood dominoes that were on clearance so I used these for the skeleton pieces and for the Raven Crows I will use the off white dominoes I pick up whenever I find them at garage sales, thrift stores, etc.

SO........I have a good 20 ready for the next step which is to sand and attach a bale.... then the final step of applying 2-3 coates of a finish to help preserve.  I got 4 completed tonight as I can hardly wait to see how they are going to look......and I am really pleased with my visions of completed pieces.  I will also make one for myself in each of the 2 different themes and will be pulling out some additional collage designs to work with too.

I really enjoy being able to flip flop with different arts.....and lately I have gone back to doing some writing also.... something I enjoyed years ago when I was in high school and for about 10 years after high school and haven't even thought about.....

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