Hovering the Futuristic Dragonfly

This little guy came out of thin air....literally.   LOL...

For the alterd art/mixed media group that I participate in we have an upcoming exchange to alter a spoon.....  In the past I have painted one, and did one altered art using Simplicity pattern paper so I didn't want to do either of these....I wanted to do something different.

Last night I went down to my work area and selected a vintage teaspoon that someone had flattened.  (The actual spoon portion only)  When I painted the landscape on one I used a large tablespoon which game me "area" to paint that also had been flattened.

The first thing I did was bend the spoon a few times and then set it on the table in front of me to look at and see if I could see anything....You ask how anyone can see anything in a bent, flattened spoon?   LOL...  I tried several different positions and finally decided the best was to use the flattened portion as the base and to do some sort of a structural piece maybe.  I went back down and came up with a package of medium size and strength wire and began to twist and turn, wrap and cut.....  The next things to go on were... A sew through button, etched sea glass, flat crystals in various sizes,  a magnet and I "THINK" that my little futuristic dragonfly is done....  It will be with me for a week or so until I get my partners name and send so there may....or may not....be future additions and/or changes.  Maybe  I need color....we will see.

Oh,  The blue and white sea glass and the crystals are meant to give the impression of running water such as a stream...with the dragonfly hovering over like a wee helicopter which is where and how I normally see dragonflys....  Last year I got some AWESOME photos of a dragonfly in my dry, dusty, driveway of all places.

So...this is one of my favorite pieces and he is going to be hard to say "goodbye" to.

Copyright 7-13  Diana Putnam

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