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Today was a lazy kind of day ....  I have been helping my daughter with some yard work and was pretty sore today so decided to take the day off.... and about 9:00 PM....out of the blue,  I decided I wanted to make myself a necklace for vacation in neutral colors......and something simple...  Out came the needle nose pliers, headpins, some predrilled beach stones from overseas, and some new bronze, copper and silver spacer beads that I picked up recently on sale...somewhere.... that I felt would work in well with the theme of neutral and nature-y.    The necklace is completed and I really like how it turned out...with no pre-conceived ideas of what it would look like...until I began and had a few pieces in place.  After I finished I liked the necklace so much I decided to make a matching bracelet.   I have started it and will finish it up tomorrow night (hopefully) and can post pictures.

Lately it has seemed as if "creating" has become a spur of the moment type thing.  Earlier in the afternoon I went downstairs and basecoated a 5 x 7 canvas board so that I could begin the "Reflections" piece using the photo I took and posted yesterday as inspiration.  Since I really like 
Burnt Sienna I did a slip slap with this color and Soft White (Liquitex Soft Body Paints) and it is ready for me to begin the actual painting.  One of the pictures I took has the aspen tree trunks in the picture as well as the branch of green leaves so I have decided I will paint in trunks which will add just a bit of substance....  Where the lighter almost white "sunlight" areas of the photo which are also apparent in my slip slap I am going to use some of Americana's Glamour Dust Paints in teh Crystal Ice just to add some you sometimes see in sunlight.  This will be my "trial" piece and then I will make adjustments and increase to an 8 x 8 canvas as I want it to be square.  Will have to do some going through stash to find a frame....and depending upon the frame size I choose will determine if I mat or leave as is in the frame.  

Everything here in Bend is beginning to flower and the town is becoming much more colorful so nature seems to be my inspriation for art related pieces.......

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.