Out of the box

 Most generally when I go thrift shopping, to a garage sale, etc. I am looking at things differently than most people as I was when I saw these delightful box shelves which were meant to be hung on the wall.  I knew they would work perfectly on my drafting table where I work to hold  items that I use on a regular basis.....  I only picked up one but when I went to pay decided to go back and get the 2nd one...and I am glad I did cause they work perfectly.
One is at the top of my table out of the way...and the other one to the left edge of the table with items I use on a regular basis.  They really help to organize my table so that everything is pretty much right at my fingertips....  The table is at an angle so with these little shelves and the rubberized shelf paper on the table things stay put....  A good purchase for $5.00.

When you see items think out of the box..... and you will be amazed at what you come up with.

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