When I saw this statue at one of our local thrift stores today I had a "feeling" it would be going home with me.  This isn't normally what I would say is my preference in art but the lines, color, detail, mixed media, realism and the possibility of it being hand made along with With a price tag of $5.00 -----------------I KNEW it was mine and I held it a bit tighter thrilled with the find...the treasure...

 I LOVE good art pieces...and am not locked into any one thing any more than I am locked into just one medium when I work.  

I am not sure what this is made of and there are no markings anywhere that I can see.  If anyone knows anything when you come on and read this post please send me a comment.  

The item has a drilled hole in the bottom and there is an area of hollowness on the inside.  I  am wondering if it isn't wood of some kind that has been colored with dyes or inks  as well as being hand carved?  I love the way it has been distressed and the blending of one element into another.  In looking at it more I am wondering if it might be bone?

The statue stands about 16" tall.

The jewelry is simplistic wire, nothing fancy.  ( Earrings and the bracelet.)  The belt and the border design on the "cloak" looks carved and it is very precise and intricate.  The light shines on the piece and the reflections are gorgous and when viewed at different angles you find that you can still see the entire the form is excellent in my opinon.   There is not a blemish on the piece so it has been well taken care of which means someone liked it as much as I now do.   It has found a home on the wall right beside where I watch tv, read, etc. and I KNOW it will be a source of inspiration...

I am hoping that I can find some time to do a bit of research and see if I can find anything on this beautiful piece.

This statue is not old and from my research the most I have found is that it is a piece which is resin...  Old or new, expensive or not expensive, it is still a piece that I consider to be really special and well done which inspires me.... the blending, intricate detail, mixed media look, etc....

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