A sign of Spring??

Copyright  3/13  Diana Putnam, photographer
This was always a SURE sign of spring when I was little growing up in PA so despite the fact that my husband says it is going to freeze "hard" and stunt the green leaf formation for spring/ summer.  I am choosing to believe that it is a SURE sign of spring.  The pussy willlows are so big this year....fat and just as soft as a baby bunny.....

I like that the branch shows the pussy willows in different stages of growth/opening and how pretty grey, silvery white, and brown are together.  Hmmmm.  So many different forms of inspiration.
Size, color, context, technique(s) to achieve, medium to best use, etc.  in everything we "see" and btw does copyright come into play when Mother Nature is the designer, the artist?

Speaking of copyright.  Jerry Yarnell is always referring to copyright .....  and his take on it is much different from what others with less credentialing would like us to be scared into believing....and I feel with his being a professional artist and teacher, author of several excellent, excellent technique books on painting,  seminaring all over the world,  with his own tv show and online classroom that he is more legally adept at leading students in the "right" direction.

Mother nature is a great "teacher".... when we want to be taught.  Sometimes far better than book learning and how are new things found if not through the "doing" process....the trial and error of discovery, and the finding what works best for YOU, the artist.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.