Markham Gold

At the same place that I got my lampshade today I picked this book up off the floor and very quickly leafed through it to see it was photos of artwork.   I looked on the inside first page and it was marked  $1 so I decided it would really come in handy with mixed media...and for that price .. what a deal. 

I just finished looking at it closer and it is beautiful.  There are over 11,000 , yes, 11,000 pages of beautiful age old art.  The page edges are gilded gold, and there is a gold ribbon marker.

When I went on the internet to see if I could find out anything on the book there was only one site listed....a bookstore which had the book listed as 
$ I guess that was a good buy.  But even more the contents of different artists' work to look at all in one place.  

It is fun to look at pieces I like and wonder how they achieved a certain look, effect, etc. and then
how I might be able to do it with acrylics....  You can learn a lot just by looking and this book will get plenty of use.

SOooooo 2 treasures this week. 

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