Flying Pocket with a Touch of Steampunk

Copyright 1/13    Diana Putnam
I just finished this piece tonight.....tacking the vintage cabinet pull on the top for the "hanger".

As the Post title says...I have named this Mixed Media piece Flying Pocket with a touch of Steampunk....which I think is a unique, out of the box title for the piece.  

The tray began with just the pocket and more elements went on to the tray, I decided upon the color theme..(.and I love the way the colors blended together) and then began the arranging and re-arranging of the elements until I felt I was comfortable enought to begin.

The piece went together quickly and easily...and the very last pieces that were added were the "wings" on the pocket which immediately gave the piece a touch of steampunk and just really, in my opinion, made the piece...  The little red dots you see here and there are ladybug buttons in two different sizes from those that I sell.  They worked in perfectly.   As I sit here looking at the piece I am wondering if maybe I might want to antique to piece ....  I will ponder that for awhile by hanging it downstairs where I can see it everyday until I make a final decision.

With mixed media the work is definately "original" and I feel that it kinda, sorta is beginning to take shape into a style that is maybe my own look.....we will see how the next couple of pieces develop.  There is quite a bit of a thought process that goes into each piece and it is coming directly from the artists heart....and to me I get a "feeling" when I look at the piece and I think many others might connect with it also so I feel as if I have accomplished what I was after so I am satisfied.

Neeeexxxxxtttt?   Altered Cigar Box

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