Miss Pru Finished Mixed Media and Neeexxxttt

Te he he....... Miss Pru is on her way to her new home....LOL....  Today was my daughters' birthday so this was one of her presents.....  This was a fun piece.....ribbons and/or yarn in purple/pink and grey,  flowers that match the color of the background perfectly, some jewelry findings for the frame and plenty of American Glamour Dust paints on the frame and the mat; not to mention the swarowski flat crystals that I used to make a halo around her head.

Sooo much fun.....

I think I am ready to start putting together the Levi pocket mixed media....I have moved, re-arranged.

etc. and think I am pretty much satisfied....  The basecoated frame turned out awesome.  Below is the substrate which was the exact size I needed...and is an Ikea mirror.  I love these pieces.  I have used
3 colors on the frame and used a Dynasty deer foot to do the basecoat using a circular motion to apply and blend the colors.  I LOVE blended backgrounds.   For this particular piece.... a levi pocket with dark yellow stiitching......gave me the color palette for the entire piece with just a "jolt" of color...a splash of color..... I think I just may be able to go downstairs tonight and just do a bit more....  I always work from the back forward....building layers of elements, glueing, or another form of making it permanent....then clamping the area when I get to a point where I can't go any further until the areas are dry and set.....  Then I move on to the next project which I think is going to be a bracelet I have in a jar
cap (another neat "tray" for smaller items.)  (My paints were Liquitex soft body paints----I LOVE these paints).

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