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Our instructions for this exchange:

Winter, Glittery using 3 spools.

I chose to use a vintage skinny spool and do a painted winter scene as it is my FAVORITE season to paint...I love show, ice, fog, pine trees, sunset, etc.  The design has been painted on a piece of Roc-Lon.  I have had the material for awhile and hadn't taken the time to try it out so this was the perfect time....AND...I LOVE IT. ( Maybe because I like
portrait grade canvas).   Another spool is in the upper left hand corner where I used a piece of lace around the spool, some sequin studs, along with blue and silver ribbon which also is used to hang this piece.  The last spool is in the bottom right hand corner where I glued to the painting, applied Glitter Sno Tex, and atop is a tiny, perfect size red cardinal...  Just a splash of color...  I have used plenty of Ice Crystal Glitter, and here and there I have glued on some sequins.  The Snow Tex right in the foreground really adds to the impressionistic/realistic appearance.   Right at the mouth of the river up into the trees is some "Freezing Fog"  BRrrrrr but by far one of the most beautiful of Mother Natures gifts to us.  

I used Liquitex Acrylic artist grade paints in both Soft and Heavy Body.  My brushes are
the new Dynasty IPC brushes, Dynasty Decorative Series Brushes: Foliage Wave Brushes,
Dynasty Dry Brushes along with the Faux Squirrel Rounds, Liners, shaders and angles.
These brushes are the best brushes I have found for working on all different surfaces. 
To me brushes are important and have to become a partner with me, and the paints I am using.  The Dynasty and Black Gold Lines do this the best for me and is really an artist preference as to what works the best for them.....  My hats are off to FM Brushes.....

So my finished piece is on its "way to my exchange partner......I hope she likes it...and winter.  I know she gets snow but I don't know if it is a love or hate relationship as many of the people I know here in Bend hate the winter....I am the exception.

Important things when you are painting water, a pathway, road:
 1.  Your strokes must be very horizontal using the bottom of your canvas as your guide.
If you don't your water, road, path will look tipped.. 

2.  Repeat your sky colors into the water.

3.  Narrow and light at the top of... Darker and wider as you get to the bottom of your surface.  Normally the bottom will extend and encompass about 1/2 to 2/3 of the widith of your suface.  

4.  Whatever color is used in your sky area closest to your horizon line will be the FIRST
(top color) as you work downwards (when you are painting water, snow, etc) 

These are tips I have learned along my pathway, road journey and are kinda nice to pass along to maybe help some of the newer painters who visit my blog.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.