Mayan Statue

My next design is going to be using a Mayan Statue as my "reference"  and painting it for some friends of ours who live up the road from us for Christmas.  I am not sure if they celebrate Christmas so if they don't it will be an early welcome 2013.  

Colors will be Easy... as I am going to follow the statue colors exactly and I am going to add the little "extras" I want in negative space areas....  I am going to use an MDF plaque from my "stash"....about the only piece that was the right size horizontally  and vertically.  Finding the right piece is an important part of the "procedure" IMHO and for what it is worth.

Finding a photo to use as reference and then drawing to enlarge or diminish scale is one of the hardest techniques to learn.....  The drawing by graph paper is too slow and too exact. 

My plaque is basecoated and I have done a "technique" I have never seen done before so I am anxious to see "what happens" with what I did when the finish coat is applied and how it "reacts" with the design and if it "adds to" the full design.  

My goal is to enhance the negative space area as dramatically subtle as possible to enhance the point of interest, create dimension, texture, and be able to draw the 
viewer into the make them think, explore, speculate, etc. 

I have written all of my ideas down in my sketch book as sometimes ideas are "fleeting" ..  Techniques I want to try,  items I might want to use, something I want to try just to try to maybe achieve a new technique..., so with this piece....because it is so different;  it will most definately be a learning experience which will help me with the next piece I do with this design..... new ideas, things I want to change, effects I want to achieve. etc.   

Next I order any items that I KNOW I want and don't have, which in this case is chain to hang the piece.... and this is where Etsy saves me so much time and allows me to support a fellow artist .... 

I also want to paint this image as a necklace so I will be continuing to think of a surface for this .... beads to use, colors, accents, etc.

SO much fun to step into my own zone.  

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