Miss Pru's Portrait

Yesterday and today were wonderful as I sat and did a portrait of Miss Pru.....  She is done on a portrait grade canvas using the Liquitex Heavy and Soft Body Artist grade paints.

The canvas is setting so that I can make the final adjustments......and I already see I need to darken up her ears a little and see if I can poof out her whiskers and make her face just a tad fuller.

Tomorrow I have to go to town so I will be looking for a glitzy, blingy, gawdy frame...and I am hoping I can find one big enough that I can also mat.

This was a FUN, fun piece to do....  I tried to capture her personality which I feel I succeeded in....and is, I think, the first animal I have done on my own with one of my photos and a bit of artistic license here and there.  I did not try to paint exact.....  I just wanted to see hair growth, dark and light areas, the eyes, ears, etc.... to help me along.

When I was all finished I added my FAVORITE effect by using some of the American Glamour Dust Paints in Ice Crystals to the eye area....a nice finishing touch.

Today I went back downstairs and redid the chin area of the portrait and I am now pleased with the
results that are shown here.  She doesn't have much of a chinny chin chin but somehow I had to 
locate and paint the difference.....  This was so much fun watching her come alive.....and with the glamour dust paints for the eyes well, it really animates her.

I have been dabbling with the Traditions paints but have gone back to my Liquitex as they are the easiest for me to use, I like the "little bit" of gloss I get that the Americana and Traditions don't provide me...and I painted this with a minimum of brush types but several different sizes.....With the Dynasty/Black gold line that I have been using for about 8+ years..as well as the Liquitex so I guess I need to stick with what works and just play with the Traditions....  


  1. Is this the same dog? Or are you talking about another one? They don't look alike at all!

  2. Anonymous...if you really believe that my painting of Pru doesn't look like her then you evidently have never loved a dog...you may have owned one but you have never loved one. Big difference. When it was painted it was done to catch her personality first ... that is the hard part. One can always paint a cat, an animal, a person, but to be able to catch the personality....well, that to me is fantastic...and I feel that with my painting of Pru I have done JUST that. BUT...I definately appreciate your critique.... AND I still stand behind the paints, the brushes and the canvas I used... Happy Holidays....



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