Computer Hutch

This is one of those awesome finds that seems to get better and better.

In the first photo...The desk that is shown folds up and goes on to the right hand door and locks into place when not in use.  The neat thing is it can be right in the front as shown or off to the side...and when it is off to the side there is another piece of wood which can slide out and make an even larger work area.  (I didn't know about the desk portion until I got the piece home.

In the 3rd photo you see the sliding shelf portion out and the desk portion locked into place on the inside of the door.  There is a shelf, cubby hole and large drawer in the bottom and two shelves in the top which are for now just laying inside.

My last photo shows the unit closed.  It is in near perfect condition and just PERFECT for my needs plus the extra perks.  I love the wood which shows in the middle and the bottom...and there is like a beaded molding at the top.  I may decide to change the handles.  I am pretty sure I have some neat reproduction hardware which will really look nice...and because of the color it will either go against a light wall or my white wall....I have not decided on the exact location but I DO know that for $125 I got a heck of a deal.  It is not fiberboard but a nice wood as you can see from the photos so I would say this piece was from the 60's.. It was labeled as a computer hutch.  I am delighted with it....but MAY change the color...

This second hand consignment furniture store has some fantastic pieces....and my wish was for a couple hundred more they had some awesome offerings I would have loved to have, but I will be satisfied with what I got for now....  I need a comfy chair ..... next time.

I can hardly wait to get started downstairs.

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