Dynamite !!!!!! Explosion

It sure does look like hurricane "Diana" blew through....LOL....What a mess....what a mess and having to work in increments is a big pain in the butt,,,,,, literally... BUT slowly but surely,  I can see it STARTING to come together...which is great.  New ideas pop into my mind,,,,and many times if I can and it is just a little bit of something;  then I will go down and do it.  I don't want to ever have to do this again

My husband brought me home a humming bird that he picked up at a car parts swap meet of all places. I guess it is made from automobile pieces so that is how they "made the grade" and got in.   I took it downstairs to work into the accents and when I did a shadow popped up onto the wall so I painted it....using 2 colors of paint, and then when it was dry I went over the whole thing with some Glamour Dust Paint....and YES, I know that the shadow is going one way and the actual statue the other...MY choice...I enjoy being different, a little of the unexpected, etc.  I call this art....seeing how people put things together....how something different might work instead of the same ole' way...the technical book way or no way.   Don't get me wrong there are techniques that are REALLY important to learn cause they help you grow and get your own look.    Stipple, highlight/shade, to bring forcal to the front or make it recede which to me are all important techniques and the importance in doing other artists' designs.

Patricia Rawlinson has the most adorable pattern called If the Shoe Fits; on her site:  http://www.Creativeartslifestyle.com   In an area in the studio where I have a shelf her delightful design is going to be worked into the shelf  SOMEWHERE.  ( Rather than the way Patricia has used hers with a plaque).   I have some raclon I purchased awhile back so the only thing I really needed to purchase for this design...were the cobwebs..which I ordered from her site.   I will probably change the colors to match the colors I am using so I will be kinda going "out of the box" with it, totally different colors,  different concept, and I may work it in a totally different way, but the design is still Patricia Rawlinsons.
There are just times I see things that are just too totally adorable...and just works perfect in a situation.  It is just so much fun to have other peoples' designs, in my shop.  Artists whom I admire....have learned from along the way and who I credit as often as I can.  This particular design by Patricia is just one of those pieces which allows a lot of creative license.  To me this is what makes this design just stand out as a design that has to be done..... It can be taken in so many different directions.

I had forgotten that when we lived in California I had painted a window with the curtain blowing out the window on one of our bathroom doors....it was so small (the bathroom) the window seemed to help.....so this is something else I want to work into the studio room at one of the windows... a curtain blowing in the breeze.

 I am really enjoying this redeux....I don't have any idea for sure on  how it is going to look when I am done.  I do know that the two chairs that I will have down there will be an antique wooden  wheelchair, and a vintage rocking chair that is really different in looks, which made me fall in love with it.   I can kinda see where it is heading....and it is exciting...but I see no "finished look".... it just seems to be transforming.

If I can stop and create a piece every now and then to use it the studio it will make things so much more fun....kinda like building a room to suit me to a T... not Samantha Pickens in somewhere, USA....  Something that no one could ever totally duplicate....and I can see a lot more time being spent downstairs when I get done.

The shutters I have are no longer going to be used as shelving....they are going to be shutters on my windows instead..... Just how I am not sure....I may cut them in two horizontally and have 2 sets which will only be half as tall which sounds kinda cute and different, ....or I could not cut them and use one left and right of each window..... I just know I want them used in a way that they will be seen as art.....
If I cut them in half I could put in some of the marbles like I put in my fence out back....so that kinda sounds interesting....

It is coming along....and as I work on an area it is fun to take a photo......since this photo was taken when I said I was "done for the night" I have gone down and added more to the wall, changed a couple of things around.....etc.  so it is already different and I will no doubt make even a couple more changes when I go downstairs tomorrow.    Kinda like leaving a finished painting out to see if there is anyting you want to change before announcing "DONE"....(Notice the hummingbird metal statue and the other one which is to fool the eye.....I am striving for good eye flow to the area....... where someone might want to stand and take it in as a entity of several items....

I have always heard less is more....but sometimes it just screams keep going....  I haven't heart stop so I am going to continue with this wall as seen below until the voice says less is more....and what is less in someone elses' book may just not be the right less in mine.  

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