Artistic Renderings the Muse

  • There are times when I take photos simply to have reference material like this photo of some pretty and unique tree bark with a small vine growing up the trunk.  I will use it for color, texture,  etc.

 I decided I need to be more organized with my I purchased 2 photo boxes.  One for horizonal and one for vertical photos....I then classified them as animal and insects, winter, water, flowers,  etc.  That is a great accomplishment for me.  Now I need to go search for older photos I have and get them into one of the boxes.  My memory isn't as good as it used to be so to have a library set up like this will be a great help.

I did get down into my studio today and finished the painted portion of a small canvas I am doing for in my studio.....  for some reason it doesn't feel "done"... so I am not sure just what will be next or where this piece will lead me...  I then sat down visually moving furniture, seeing where I want certain things,  and hoping I can begin the painting soon....etc.

This evening I made 3 bracelets in the JJ line (Jewelry Jeans).  One is mine ..   They are made with a beautiful dark jean blue, an off white abstract design,  semi precious stone, and are 12mm, beveled edges, square,  cut and polished  with handmade lampwork beads and an elephant clasp for "luck" to the wearer.    Tomorrow I want to work out a design for an "Unmatching" necklace to be worn WITH the bracelet and will get the 2 other bracelets on Etsy.  Since I have a tendency to not like "getting into a factory type assembly of sameness" these pieces of jewelry will be one of a kind.  Those that don't sell in a reasonable amount of time;  pre-determined by me, will go to the new consignment store in Pennsylvania and I will be off on another creative tangent... Tangents of different is how I seem to most enjoy my artistic renderings....

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.