Summer Fest of Bend

I was able to talk my husband into going with me to the Bend Summer Fest in the old downtown portion of Bend.  Nearly all of the little shops that are down here are boutique type stores, specialty shops,  art galleries, restaurants, etc.  I still have not made it down here to investigate what all is here.

For the art festivals that they have here they block off about 6 streets.  One street is beer and wine, one is handmade items, another is the food court and rotating band area,  on another we had Bend business booths,  and 2 were just vendors of merchandise.  They say there were well over 200 vendors.  I was able to pick up a couple of Christmas gifts...and just enjoyed browsing so many different things in onearea.  The weather was agreeable, warm only with a nice breeze.  A perfect day...

I saw a LOT of sea glass jewelry (I just ordered a lot of it last night) , photography, unique and different  handmade jewelry and some fine art with pastels, watercolor and acrylic.  I get so inspired when I see the work of other artists....  I also noticed that although I don't think it was the Decoart Glamour Dust paints one artist had something added to his painting that provided just a bit of bling that made you go back and look was a water landscape and the water was super........ahhhhh.

The stinters are usually at all of the festivals so they must be from the Bend Area.
A nice afternoon.
Ahead is one of the shorter streets.  I believe this was the Bend Business Area.

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