Rambling Rose

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What a pretty shade of pink.....and the bush is just LOADED with buds.... Larry always could grow gorgeous roses....and gladolias...  They are way tall but so far no blooms; but the snap dragons are  popping out.  So far I have a white one and I think Pink.  The Globe Basil got transplanted today, as well as the Pineapples sage..and I think there are 3-4 types of tomatoes,  some peppers, etc.  so it is kinda neat watching things grow...bud...bloom...  

 I harvested 4 small, tiny globes of garlic....  The radishes were hard as rocks and HOT so I don't think I would waste my time on these again....and the lettuce?  Goodness sakes but it just never seems to quit producing...just over and over and it is so tender and good.  As I transplanted I have been using a product called Tims Tea which is a fertilizer product that is made here in Oregon and it sure is good....It has NO chemicals, all organic as well as the topsoil which is made right up the road from us which we got by the trailer load as our ground here is almost totally volcano rock, ash, soot, etc.  

Thank goodness for the little potting stand as that helps me keep things a LITLLE neater... and Larry says maybe next year we will do a little greenhouse.  We have a dog kennel "thing" that I guess he is going to  put  clear lexan/plastic on with windows, roof vents etc.  That way I can just brush everything right on the ground which will be nice.  

My husband even planted potatoes (finally found out what they were) over by our fence and they are REALLY growing well....  goodness might we have a little harvest of sorts here?  

I even set up a photo tonight to use as a reference for painting.  I haven't done a still life, and this is kinda "out of the box" but maybe just enough so that it will be published.  I already have the frame which is different...and the canvas will be a 5" x 7" which is a small, non intimidating size and it will work up quick.  Since I have been working with the Traditions paints....it will be another learning curve...but I like learning.... developing my own style in the different things that I do...  It is so much fun to know that this piece will have style, texture, grown by me, staged and painted.  

So now it is down to my little studio area (which I think I will redo/revamp this winter....a good indoor project).   I never did like the color green that is down there so I think I am wanting to go with a salmon color....maybe 2 tone?  Will need to do some looking around.....  I love my spare bedrooms which is this color ... it is cool and calming...and will go with the rug OK that is there.
Just have to think of accent colors beside white.....  maybe a studio journal is  what I should begin with items, things I like so I will kinda know where I am going when October gets here and with garage sales...I might pick up some good finds....reasonable price.  I have a vintage wood stool .... and a neat chair so these are two starting points...

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