Studio Colors......Wood Slab

I purchased this "slab" of wood at a swap meet.  FINALLY today I decided it was time to get it sanded and stained (natural) is gorgeous.
A friend of Larrys "offered" to purchase it and now that it is stained he must have seen "in the wood" the same things I did.   I put on several coats and I am letting it dry overnight and then I will put several coats of topcoat sealer on it.   I am going to seek the help of another of my husbands' friends to help me transform this piece into a table for my studio (I THINK) and I have a couple of ideas for "legs" or a foundation.

The colors for the room are going to be:  Burnt Spice, Peach Fizz and Melon Glamour.  I will also use a soft green... Green Mist color (in Decoart Americana) but I will have it premixed in the same brand of paint as the other 3....  One whole wall will be the Green Mist shade....the other wall is going to be a gradual stridation from the darkest to the lightest color or visa versa....light to dark....  It will require some blending but I am really looking forward to this aspect of the the paint job....out of the box.

Over the weekend I started my "Workbook" which will host ideas, things to look for, etc.... so that by mid October when I hope to start I will have a general idea of where I am going..and the rest of summer to look at garage sales for things I might be able to use....

Something to look forward to.........


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