Flutter - Byes

Today my "goal" was research butterflies and backgrounds, leaves, stalks of grass, colors, and compiling a a list of ideas for a set of 3 butterflies on canvas, and framed that will be one of my next painting pieces.  I know where the frame is so I just have to hope there is one left....it is metal so I want to do some work on the frame as well as the canvas painting.  I want to use 4' x 6" canvas so I am hoping that the triplex frame that I want will be this size for the inserts......  

It is sometimes difficult to get everything you want when you are creating a scenario.....  I would prefer not to mat these because they are the smaller pieces of canvas....I don't want to loose any of the design.

There are so many medium options so this is also going to be a lot of fun....which to me is all part of the painting process.  Having everything "come together" .....  There is iridescent paint, glitter paint (my ultimate favorite) and the use of other mediums in other art forms other than decorative painting that could just be a perfect alternative for one of the pieces.  

Being creative is so much fun....as is the research...

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.