Sunflower Canvas

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The Tradition paints, portrait grade canvas and Dynasty brushes really do work well together.  When I was painting this it was more "play" and "I wonder" as I painted. Mixing Colors is something I REALLY enjoy....along with  how different brushes "react" when doing a technique... problem areas I need to research,  critiquing the final piece on what I would change if I painted it again or "can I do it now", etc.    

The design for this originated from several of my sunflowers photos.   A
composite piece....

This is an 8" x 8" canvas.  The frame is from Michaels and comes 2 to a package.   This size canvas is nice...not too big, yet large enough for be comfortable.  I think I would like to add "something" to the upper left area/corner/side and so I need to determine just what.  Some options would be:  Mixed media by adding an item or items?  Some calligraphy?  Areas of "crackle"?   A stencil or mask?  From news I have read on the Craft and Hobby Show the big thing is a mixture of art medias in one piece.  So on some of the pieces I paint I need to take this into consideration...  I am EXCITED to see decorative painting progress forward with a fresh, new, different approach.  It is going to be so NEAT to see some of the  new "artists" I fully expect to be coming well as artists who are able to make the transition in an acceptable way.
More is sometimes "better"... but differently than what you might be thinking of.  

Maybe tomorrow some time I can play around with this with tracing paper seeing what something might look like, size, etc.    Sometimes thinking of a painting in the arena of fashionable clothing provides an interesting "concept idea"....  

Out of the box is most definitely "in"....

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