Altered Bottle / Theme "Children at Play"

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Copyright 7-12     DP.
The item to make  was an "altered jar" (mine was for kalmata olives in it's first life). The theme was
"Children at Play".   It was for a swap I have been a member in for a long running Yahoo group..

When I got up this morning I decided today was "the day".... and it was time to make my jar.   (I had exceeded the due date..... )  Walking down into my studio shop I had absolutely NO idea what I was going to do.  My table was in shambles from whatever I did the last few stuff was everywhere but I didn't want to take time to do ANY picking up, putting away, etc. so I decided to just use what was out....  First I chose my jar.  This one had some nice "innies" and "outties" so I began.  Next was the Gallery Glass Faux stained glass paints which I kinda had an inkling I might use, and I had to choose colors.

My inner child arrived about that time and he REALLY took over... .(maybe this is why I like steampunk and altered art, a masculine viewpoint to art).  First was to lead the jar with my design so I just "did it".... with no thought process.  The colors I used were  blue, green, clear, brown, ivory and coral ..  and I wanted the colors to "just be there"... so I pounced them on with a deerfoot brush which worked great because it is a slanted brush which comes to a chisel to get real close to the leading with the paint.  The colors show up the best in the last picture..which I took inside my lightbox....the others were just taken against a wood backdrop with an overhead light only so the colors look a bit different....kinda washed out.  I guess this is the importance of a light get much truer, brighter color.  (Mine Son in Law made mine for me for my birthday one year.)

In the largest section I used pattern tissue paper with Gloss Medium..  I added a soda bottle cap with a vintage child collage embedded in resin.

Then came a vintage aged brass bobeche (turned upside down) with another lamp part which was round and reticulated edges.

Next the flowers for my vase.  I used metal rods and since I only had one which my husband cut so I would have 2 and a wooden skewer for the third...I had my stems.  2 of the flowers are once again bottled caps with a picture of 2 women, and the other simply says LIFE.  For the leaves of two of the flowers I used a hot/cold  handle and for the other 2 small little iridescent glass bulbs.  The third flower is a copper key....  

Once I had finshed and assembled the piece and began to look at what had evolved....I was led to the following interpretation:
The photo of the two women are the children at play... working with things they had on hand back 100 years ago.  .One of the KEYS of LIFE is FRIENDSHIP..and the little boy in the other bottle cap is my inner child.....  So TURN ON the LIGHT BULB and let the fun begin as you create.  The pattern indicates the roadway to our creativity, and the colors of nature with the blue, green, brown, etc.  Neutral colors for a neutral piece....A piece that is not "relative" to a specific room, or decor.  It just "IS" and kinda fits in with just about anything and everything,  so it works for everyone providing a great conversation piece, accent that is out of the ordinary... one of a kind, etc.  Others might think of it as just a "dust collector".  Negative opinions are just part of art....but when you create to please yourself...there is always an option to sell or keep.

This is another hard one to send "on its' way" but I send with pride because I love it....and I like sending things I love to other people with the hope that they too will find it quirky, quaint, out of the box, and it will be something they might treasure.

And to the woman who sent me an email asking me if I ever had my "OWN IDEA" .... you betcha'.  I have a lot of them and I love it....I love creating, love being different,  and what the art gives back to me.

This swap is on its' way to the "East Coast" to a town that isn't  too far from where I was born and raised.... FUN....

Thanks for looking....

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