Resource Library / Mentors/ Inspiration / Sharing of Knowledge

Today is a snowy winter day (LOVE , absolutely LOVE days like this) so I am working on my resource library that I "go to" when I need inspiration for a drawing or a painting.  I will take the clouds from one, house from another, pond from that one, etc. color from this one, a tree to the upper left of that picture until I have a nice array of inspiration...

I really like designing my own art in this I gain a lot of skills and challenge myself at the same time.   Because I don't trace, don't use a projector for casting a pattern, etc.  I  derive inspiration from a variety of different sources;  from my own photos, magazines, catalogs, etc...   Once I am this far I can begin putting together a composite and take into consideration the many skills and techniques I have learned regarding composition, perspective, etc.  It gives one a better feeling with a completed piece that has been totally done through your own resources and have used your own style to achieve the desired effects based upon the inspiration.

Choose mentors wisely.  Artists who provide not just a design and some written words.  Choose from artists who provide the "how to's"... these are the important artists in the world.  Those who share how to get to where you need to be.  One of these artists is Jerry Yarnell.  I will always sing his praises as he has got it all together and everything he says and does comes from his heart, from inside and he has a glow about him because he is a true example of a kindred, loving, Christian spirit.  His love of painting and his love of sharing along with giving credit where credit is due....... is profound.  They just don't come better than this man.  His books, dvds, on line classes, etc. just scream with inspiration.  Something one just DOESN'T see in all artists.  Some artists profess to "provide" when in reality their  "sharing of art" is more "see what I can do".... and their involvement is just NOT geared towards being a sharing source artist of any type of good information.   Comtemplate what you read folks. makes wise decisions. and remember that  instincts also play a BIG part in this decision.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.