Little Girl

The Vet called me and had the pathology report on the mass that was removed from Miss Pru's tummy 
(mammary tumor).  The mass was malignant, but the vet feels confident that she "got it all".  It was not the type of tumor that metastasizes to other parts of the body so for that we are grateful.  

Dr. Ladyga said that while Pru was "under" she felt her entire body and right now there are NO additional masses.  I am to check her weekly and I plan on taking her back every 3-4 months for them to check her tooto check her to as they know right where to check and what is a mass or normal. 

I took the news much better than I expected to but think I have actually been preparing myself for the worst when I realized how much it had grown in just a weeks' time. 

We have a cancer survivor.  

It is day 4 after surgery and she is knawing away on her Busy Bones same as before, though I don't know active, wants to play, and is back following me,  making her wants known, and wanting 
attention.  YIPEE. 

If  you have a female dog and she was neutered later than recommended please check your dog on a regular basis for cysts and or tumors.  Prus' was the size of a kidney bean, hard and we could move it but it felt "attached"..

I also thought I would share with you who have dogs to check all of their treats/food, etc.  on the back of the package.  If the contents were made in China as so many of them are I found out, put them back on the shelf.  They are harmful to our pets.  One of Pru's favorite treats was a China product so I am in the process of replacing them with products made here in the US.   The Vet provided us this warning when we were in the first time, and I also did a search on the computer to learn more.  BAD
for our fur babies.......


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.