Little Girl

Our Little Pru girl had major surgery this AM and she wants nothing to do with me OR Larry.  She had
a kidney bean sized tumor on her tummy (I took her to the Vet last Monday right after I found the lump,
which hadn't been there longer than a week) and they also found an abscessed tooth which  they were going to remove as well, and do a tooth scraping and cleaning.  When they called me at noon to let me know she came through the procedures great they informed me they had removed 10 teeth.  3-4 were abscessed and the rest were real loose...  The vet said she has a tiny mouth that was full of way too many teeth.....  Needless to say she is not happy with us; and I am sure in a lot of pain....   She has a good 4-5 inch incision on her belly...and we won't get the pathology report until the end of the week so we will be on pins and needles.....  She is our fur baby....and she is going to feel so much better and I am hoping when she recuperates she will be back to her normal loving self.......


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.