Nice People DO Finish First ????

It is not so much finishing first that is the most important thing in life.  How you ACHIEVE first is the most important thing.  The friends you make along the way who support, the detours that you veer off on and what you find unexpectedly that adds to your lifes'  journey.   And although nice people do  finish first, second and third isn't bad either...
                                      Being first is something that a lot of people strive for in life.  I strive for things of the heart.  Friendships, relationships, the journey of life.  The blue ribbon in life consists of how you get where you are going, not so much the ribbon and my ribbon is personal so sometimes I am REAL happy with a 2nd or 3rd.  And first by who's standards?  Mine or others?  
                                          My parents were kind, loving and brought me up to respect those who deserve respect.  My childhood was a happy time in rural Pennsylvania and I wouldn't trade those early years.  My father was a carpenter and I learned so much from watching him as he created with his hands.  My mother was a homemaker so I learned to be a good cook, sew, crochet, embroider, knit, etc.   Although my sister lives 3000 miles away she is close in heart and we share a lot of ventures and adventures as well as memories. 
                                    Unhappiness?  Don't we all have this in life?   The secret is not to nurture the unhappiness.   Loosing parents way before we are ready to do so is a hard time in ones life.  Divorce, having a child who suffers with a life threatening illness, saying goodbye to family and friends as you move away to new life adventures.   Unhappiness makes you stronger, teaches lessons, and often leads to a greater happiness.
                                      I have run across those in life who are detrements to my happiness and I have learned to create a shield against them.  I don't allow them into my life.  I am sure that everyone who reads this knows of people they shield themselves from. 
                                      Personally I feel that I have a first place life.  I don't think that there is anything that I would change.  I feel pretty content in who I am, where I am, and where I am going.  I love to give, share, and create.  
                                     In the art field I have surrounded myself with artists in the fields where my interests lie.  These artists have provided me with learning.  They have nurtured and supported.   I go where I want to learn.  I strive and I am happy with where I have gone, and where I am going.  
                                     Regrets.  Yep.  Most people have them.   We make mistakes in life, but we go on.  Mistakes are good.  It is how we learn. 
                                     I am not a "dweller".  I am a "Get it Don'er".
I don't have time for negative thoughts, and negative people.   I consider the source....and I move on.   My life is busy, and life is short.
I have goals to reach and a road to journey.  




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