Santas Mustache and Beard Brush

With the holidays coming up faster than we would like and many of us getting an early start on holiday painting I felt that what I did with this
brush warranted repeating and reshowing.

I could never find a brush narrow enough for painting Santas mustache,
beard finishing lines, or maybe hair on an animal or feathers on a bird so I took things into my own hands and gave my brush a haircut.

I had rakes/comb/feather edge brushes in different sizes and brands  in both flat and filbert so I took one and cut both sides of the bristles off completely at the ferrel leaving just a few  bristles in the center to paint with.  They were already feathered to give me neat linework so I just needed "narrow". 

Ruin a brush one woman said .... I don't look at it as "ruining a brush" I look at it as making a brush I needed and just could never find narrow enough.  It is much better to cut a brush to make it work than to buy a brush thinking it will work and it doesn't...been there done that....and have never picked the brush up since.  It sets in my "give away" brushes...and I continue to use the brush I cut over and over.

So,,,,,,,,,, if you find you also need a narrower brush here is the solution. 

Good luck and enjoy painting those mustaches....

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