Koosah and Sahalie Falls Oregon

Koosah and Sahalie falls are located here in Oregon and they are awesome no matter what time of the year you visit. It is a place I never tire of going to and I take photos galore each time and see it through virgin eyes each time it seems. The magnificent views, smells and sights stay with me for days, and I anticipate each visit like a small child on Christmas eve. If there were ever a heaven on earth it would HAVE to be here. I have painted my rendition of one of the "views" my camera and I took but it doesn't do anything justice except maybe the gorgeous blue of the water, and the hanging moss. This will go to the gallery on Saturday. This will be my last month there so what doesn't sell will come back and show up on Artfire for sale. I painted this on a 9 x 12 portrait grade canvas, matted and framed. I was actually wishing this canvas had more "nubb" which is unusual for me. I guess next time I order I will request the medium grade vs
portrait to try for certain landscapes.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.