White on White Mixed Media Bookmark

This is my 2nd white on white bookmark for the exchange. Different papers in white, vintage buttons that are an off white, pieces of lace from an old collar, white round zipper pulls, shiny white snowflakes and some Swarowski crystal flat backs for just a touch of "glam". AND... just as I thought,,,, a different design that what I had intended; but using what I wanted to use.

I didn't want a flat piece. Because of the theme white on white I felt I needed to use different textures to bring out the white colors, and since I love vintage white the buttons were going to
work as the top element and bring just a touch of warm to the cool.

I have to experiment some more with using string, glue and encaustic waxes for a "cleaner" more precise finished product but think I have "mentally" solved the problem while "waiting for sleep"...... This was the one element that I REALLY wanted to use but it just "didn't work". I
will redo a monochromatic scheme and incorporate the string into the design for another bookmark or maybe a framed wall design.

I love the look of white on white. It is so clean, fresh and crisp...and mixing vintage with it made me happy too.

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