Today was one of those first day of winter days....cold, overcast, with some freezing fog rolling in.
We have some dear friends visiting us from California so I decided that today would be a good day for a short jaunt to Smith Rock. This is one of my favorite "sites" of Oregon so it is one I like sharing with others. I have many photos of different angles and seasons that I have taken here.
In this one you can almost feel the cold of the day.
The Juniper Trees had "berried" which was something I had not encountered before, (a very soft, pale, gorgeous shade of blue) and the trees are just loaded. Then right before we left the fog began rolling in at the tops of the higher rocks and with the temperature dropping freezing fog was beginning to form, which in itself is a wonder of nature here in Oregon.
This particular angle and area is one I have never taken photos of not ever being in this exact area to do so. I was able to roam a bit more free today with my camera which was nice.
Eventually, and when I feel I have enough photos to compare the color of the rocks in different seasons, times of day, etc. I want to see if I can even begin to capture the beauty of this area on canvas.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.