More Serious Playing ???

This is a mixed media/assembelage piece that I am working on. Since it is my first piece I find I am working a bit slower as I try to decide the best way to "connect" and/or adhere. Tomorrow I guess I will need to invade my husbands garage for some drilling.....
This is the top of my piece. A round, painted, canvas with a stamp face, Swarovski crystals for eyes, ( I have abnormally big eyes so eyes are an important factor in my pieces especially when they are painted. With this stamp I still wanted to accentuate the eyes to give it more of a lifelike that the eyes would follow the viewer as they moved and the sparkle of the Swarovski crystal draws your attention....) .
The canvas face portion has been glued to a leather and waxed straw drink coaster which was a "found set" at a local thrift store.
I am waiting for paint to patina on the arms/hands so that they will be ready for drilling tomorrow. What are the arms? Would you believe minature boat oars?
SO much fun.

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