Reflections of Bamboo

In my dining room I had an artificial bamboo plant in a pot. It was in a "not so good" location but I loved the way the reflection "played" on the wall so I "put up" with it.

Tonight I decided it was time I take brush and paint and use the reflection as a pattern and paint in the stalk and leaves. Then I could get rid of the tree ... kinda like having my cake and eating it

Although my camera didn't catch my wall color correctly it is a pale green (the other 2 walls are a much darker green) and the paint I used was Wedgewood Green in Delta. I chose Delta because of its' thinness and felt it would give me less coverage which I wanted. Now that it is done it is very impressionistic
and neat. I should have done this months ago but a procrastinaotor I am.....I am. I can hardly wait to see it in daylight vs the artificial light.

One weekend project accomplished and it took me only about
30 minutes. Quick and Easy..

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