Artists are Magicans / Jerry Yarnell

My favorite landscape/scenery artist is Jerry Yarnell. I have taken several of his seminars and have walked away every time with a better understanding of what I want to achieve when I paint. Jerry says artists are illusionists...through paint and brush we magically put onto paper an illusion for the finish. We bring them in to the painting and then they can walk around and enjoy what they see, getting lost in their own personal thoughts of what is "not" there. I love the impressionistic flair of painting with just a touch of realism and my goal is not to provide the viewer with a picture but an illusion they can finish to their own hearts content.

Jerry is an artist who can paint, teach and is a wonderful sharing person with his art ex-
perience. He holds nothing back and shares as much knowledge as the students are able to
absorb. Knowledge is wonderful but he provides the "how to use" techniques he has learned through the years to accomplish his wonderful pieces of art. Anyone can read
information .. and I am appreciative for his hands on way of teaching and seeing.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.