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This post contains a graphic photo of my arm which was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Photos are at the end of my post.

My 15 year old dog woke me up in the wee hours of the AM gagging and I knew she was going to loose her cookies and needed "outside" ASAP.

I grabbed her, jumped out of bed, it was dark, I was still half asleep so I didn't grab my glasses.

Too late I remembered that I had left my vacuum cleaner in the doorway instead of putting it where it belonged.

I tripped on cleaner, hit the door, and knew I probably had hurt myself.  (It was later determined I had put my arm out to stop falling and my arm and the little metal latch of the door stop and my arm "met".....)

I got the dog outside and looked at my arm....not a pretty site.  I got the bleeding stopped and proceeded to the bathroom for the large bandaids I keep on hand and wondering what to put on it   I decided to use the Hempworx Relief cream.  I put a real thin layer on the gauze portion with a Q.tip.  On my way back to bed with the dog I grabbed an ice pack from the freezer which I applied to the area in the even there might be swelling that would occur.  I had done all I could do for the earliness of the hour.

When I removed the bandaid the next day I realized I had 2 NASTY, deep gouges, in my arm.
I applied a new bandage frosted with a real thin layer of the Relief cream....but before applying the bandage I used the eyedropper of the 500MG Hempworx CBD oil and applied less than a drop to each area, waited about 15 minutes so that the oil would get down through the pores and then applied the bandage.    I repeated this every evening about an hour before I went to bed and leaving the bandage off for about an hour to air.

I continued my regular regime of 10-15 drops AM and PM which I have been doing since April 2018 as I knew it would ward off any infection and help with the healing process.

What is really amazing (along with the healing) is that I had absolutely NO PAIN night I had itching that nothing seemed to help so I took a Benadryl, sprayed my arm lightly with Dermaplast and then my normal Relief and Oil routine.  (I keep a well stocked medicine chest, for emergencies like this.)

Photo #1.       After I removed the bandage in the PM of the day of  injury.
Photo #2.      (All of the white stuff you see is skin....the Relief cream I put on the gauze was VERY THIN.  I just used enough Relief to moisten the couldn't even see it).
Photo #3.      One week after injury photo.
Photo #4.      Photo I took today which is day #8.  I left the bandage off all day today and it looked better and better as the day wore on.  Shortly I am going to put just a little of the oil on (No Relief) and bandage lightly so the air can still get to the area.

Needless to say I AM AMAZED..............

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Did you know we all have CBD receptors in our body which are activated by taking CBD oil?
Not all CBD oils are the same.
CBD is legal in all states within the US?
The CBD oil I use is made from the hemp plant and NOT the marijuana plant.  Many CBD oils are made from the marijuana plant and the CBD content is really low.

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