Gypsy Woman .... Gold Dust Woman

I signed up for an online art class titled "gold dust woman".   It is a month long class and this is the end of week #1.  I have never taken a class like this where the design appears and is created from applications of paint added randomly.  The one you see was done with my hands and a red kitchen spatula....  Now I have to begin bringing out what I have created -----   that I don't see......  lol.

Tonight Candace (my art partner and friend in spirituality) and I got together for about an hour to help one another emerge into, through and out of what we have.....  I know where the woman is but I couldn't get her to take shape.... but after tonight I can see more of a form....she just wasn't how I expected her to be so now it is on to week #2.

Needless to say this has DEFINATELY been and will continue to be an "experience" and a FAR CRY from the decorative patterned traced history, painting from a picture, etc. scope of my artistic journey.

I feel out of control, frustrated, angry, confused, ready to give up, etc. but the die hard in me just says go for can't get much worse than what it is right now......LOL....  and relates a lot to situations in my own personal life right now.

Stay tuned as I continue to post the progress .....  good or bad.......

One thing about this type of would never have to worry about copyright laws.....

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