Necklace Inspiration

I purchased this necklace at our local Goodwill because I liked the concept design….and wanted to see if I could figure out how to make one that is similar.   In making the purchasei I have the item to study and less money invested than in an actual design pattern.  Last night I began work on one and already have several more designs in mind so I hope they turn out the way I am envisioning them….. sometimes that doesn't happen so I never know what I will end up with…..

After I finish this first one, make my mistakes, etc. I want to do one called snow and ice because I LOVE winter, icycles, snow, white and the palest of blue, ice, water and sparkle.

This one reminds me of a "Flying Carpet" I wonder what mine will remind me of?

Enjoy your creativeness.

Another quote from  Jeff Fox "The Deepest Acceptance":    "We numb ourselves to the pain of being human so we don't have to experience the experience or feel what we really feel"

"We are only ever experiencing what has already been allowed:

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.