Cake Decorating Winner …. Dirk Luchtmeijer

I competed for the first time ever at Taart & Trends 2014. This is the biggest cake fair in Holland as we know it. This years theme was called “Oriental Sweetness”

I created myself a moodboard by picking all kinds of pictures regarding chinese gardens, dragons, traditional textures, funny oriental related cartoons (because i like to give it a smile)

I got inspirated by your mold to create a steampunk art dragon out of scratch. So no drawings or designs. Just build a skeleton out of sugerpaste and let it dry for almost a week. After that all the small pieces came together like a non excisting jigzaw puzzle. The small gears are made from special lace paste whitch made them realy delicate. You can’t see it but it’s technicaly 100% edible 

After i finished it i gave it a name. Don’t mess with the emperor…. I guess the emperor is having a good time scaring his servant samurai warrior.. so you shouldn’t mess with the emperor.

It was the first time i made a piece with such great detail. I realy enjoyed making it. It took about 100 hours completing the whole piece and a lot of patience and passion.

After sending in my piece they were absolutely stunned by seeing it. It took 2 days to judge all the pieces that where brought in. So at the end of day 2 i heard the results of the jury and won the competition!

I won a trophy and a 300 euro workshop at one of my favorite cakeshops in Holland. It was a very exciting weekend and like to thank you for bringing in a part of my inspiration.

Best regards, Dirk Luchtmeijer from The Netherlands

Dirk sent me the above information after winning the competition (and WOW ,,,  WOW …. WOW

Some of the parts and pieces were made using Lisa Pavelkas Steampunk stamp INNIE …. There are also a couple of others stamps I sell on my Etsy Site which are steampunk related….  Talk about creativity….. this gentleman has it in spades.  

Cake Decorating, Soap decorating….what will be next????


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