The Now. Getting in Touch with your Touch

I love working with clay, and preferably a soft clay.  My hands tend to be quite warm so there are times it gets too soft and I have to stop.  Sometimes a short trip into the refrigerator does the trick, especially in the summer months.    Scuplty lll is my clay of choice….at least right now in my beginning stages of "playdom".

The shapers to the left are my preference and I have learned they come in different sizes…..  I sell these on Etsy and there is no size given but in terms of small, medium and larger, I would have to say I would be using these on medium sized projects.

There are also stiffer rubber claying tools but I don't like them at all and find they don't do what I need them to do…..  Since my clay is soft the stiffer rubbered ones easily mark the clay in a negative way.  I tend to use the softer rubber types as one would an eraser if they were drawing.   To erase mistakes, marks, etc. that I do NOT want left on/in the clay.

So many things should be taken into consideration when purchasing a tool…… an extension of our hand and based "on our hands' touch"….  Some are heavy handed and some of us are very light handed and this is the "category" I seem to find myself when it comes to art.  I found the same to be true in painting…..I was always "taught" to paint with the largest brush available for the space……  I tend to use smaller brushes, because they provide me more control and yet the looseness I want to see.  Tools based upon me….not someone else.

I love sculpting clay ….  I like the feeling of creation it provides and what happens,  happens from inside rather than outside….and time tends to just "stand still" and I am in the NOW…. not the past, not the future but the NOW and it is pure joy watching what is happening.

Get in touch with your touch and choose your tools accordingly.   Art is healing,  spiritual,  provides us the ability to go inside, is an emotional outlet and provides us the abillity to transcend time so the proper tools are personally important to achieve these goals.

Just my two cents.

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