Minature Sculpture / Polymer Clay

I really enjoy sculpting with polymer clay....this is my second attempt at a face and I used a couple of new tools I purchased as well as my old stand-by acrylic painting "berry makers"....  they are just pefect for the end result of "soft" and "smooth" that some things call for and they "push" the clay perfectly. 

My preference, at least at this stage of development, is the Sculpty III and I have used beige on this piece.  

Just recently I purchased some "eyes" from Lisa Pavelkas line of polymer clay items.  They are glass and handmade but I think from here on in I will
bribe my daughter somehow to make the lampwork eyes for me....  With the size faces I will be working with I need them all to be the smallest in the package of 5 assorted sizes. 

Male or female?  Animal or human?  Not sure actually....  This went together in an evening of listening to tv and I love that I ended up with a partial body/base but is NOT sculptured as...which is how I think I will make others....

Now the next step........absolutely, positively NO IDEA 

UPDATE:  Since my original post I have done 2 more face sculptures.  This last one took a few more hours as it more detailed.   I am amazed at how they just seem to "happen".....not complaining mind you.....just inquisitive as to how I seem to just know which way to move the clay, the right tool to use, finger positions, where to start, etc.   However, this is just one of the many "popups" of different thoughts, different actions, to what almost seems a bit like a different me in some aspects of the same life.  Nothing has changed....but me.

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