More Handmade Earrings Unique and one of a Kind.

I don't have pierced ears, so therefore I don't wear earrings but I always admire pretty earrings of others and shopped  for them for my sister, daughter in law, and friends..... AND....very rarely do I find any that I like so have been creating earrings for gift giving for a couple of years.

The neat thing is the beads and the feathers are pretty much one of a you have earrings you won't see anyone else wearing and I guarantee they will be noticed.  The are simple but striking and colorful as are the trends of today.

The crystals in the 2nd pair of earrings are really neat as they are blue in artificial light and lavendar purple in good natural lighting.

Once again the feathers are hand marbeled feathers from Ely of QuillnAros on Etsy,  the findings are Tierra Cast and the handmade glass lampwork beads have been made by various SRA lampworking artists from around the world....

 Making earrings is so simple and easy I am surprised that more people don't make their own....and my only recommendation is buy top quality merchandise, look for something that can't or won't be replicated/copied, and put your own personal twist to the item.

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  1. Diana~these are gorgeous! I absolutely love them.



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