Fun Project

This was fun.

Quite a while ago I purchased this white snow flecked open work stiff material in the clearance area of a local stamp store.  I had no idea what I would use it for but it was "neat" so it cam home with me.

The small black canvas pieces...the same.  I picked them up "somewhere."

My substrate for this piece is an inexpensive 9" x 12" canvas (those that come 3 to a package...these work great for this type of a project).  Next I glued down an olive-y green felt squate, and cut the snow flecked material the same size and just laid on top.  It is rough enough that it kinda stuck to the felt like velcro and is stiff enough that it just lays in place.  Next I have to find a all the frames that I DO have...None this size...  and I want to see how it looks with and without a mat.  My grandsone just got his FIRST apartment with a long time buddy of his so I thought this might be a manly Christmas decoration for them.  They have several placse they could put it....even on an easel at the front door where there is a window.  (I think).....  I used the glitter paints on the Christmas bulbs as well as the Black Glamour Dust for stars, and then the touch of Ice Crystal Glamour Dust for the tree limb.   Once it is finished I think it will be a really pretty watch for a finished update....  I think I have 3  more of the black canvas pieces so maybe I will do another.....

Have a great weekend (ALREADY, AGAIN) everyone....

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.