Find of the Week to Recycle

This is one of those items you are pretty sure you want so you pick it up and carry it as if it was yours until you decide and no one else can take......  It was unique.  I don't think I have seen one of these even in an antique store so that means it might be a neat item to have.

The inside....well, as you can see it nees some tender, loving care.  BUT, it could be a really neat item to carry a stash of beading supplies in....just the barest of items that will work.... so that means
I have to come up sith something to do on the inside that will stand some banging around, wear and tear,,,,etc...without distroying the character of the piece so that means thinking hat time.  Keeping my eyes open...

PRICE:  The tag on the handle reads $15.00 but I got it for $7.50 because the entire store was half price.  I felt I kinda/sorta got a deal.  
The  and the proceeds of this store (run by those giving their own time 2 days of 5 hours)  go to the Sunriver Visitor Center areas in so the dollars benefit everyone.  I have picked up some really great items in this particular thrift store....and they most generally have some neat items.  I also bought my sister 2 bags of really nice mens ties as she uses them to make "small" dog coats....really cute....and I purchased a square metal tray which I am going to turn into a message center for a friend of mine as a belated birthday present......Lastly I purchased a bag of 3 items that I am unsure of.....don't know what they are and neither did the clerks who waited on me so I guess I need to check them out...

BTW....the little suitcase is actually for a camera.....and has the name SONY on the silver lock portion at the top of the bottom part.   Size is about 10" x 10".  

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