Decorating or Free Standing Altered Art ...... THAT is the question.

Antique Fun

There are several vintage, antique, unique pieces that I purchased when I was back in PA.... We went to auctions, swap meets, garage sales, estate sales, antique stores, for a wonderful month of fun....but exhausting....   I purchase what I like with nothing special in mind as to what I will exactly do with something..... But anyway to those of you who helped me pack these goodies to come home....Wayne, Theresa, Steve, and of course WHO could forget TAZ .... ( Larry had to build a ramp for her to get up and down from bed.....LOL.....and I will post photo later this week..... but we have to remember she is getting "older" also and needs some "helps"..... lol.)

I will use the wire that is on 2 winding spools towards the top of the wall.....  A neat wooden carving that is attached with suede and is made out of Yew.

Below and to the right are gold scales with the little paddles, and even a drawer beneat them...very intricate and beautiful. which my husband brought me for our 38th anniversary....  A cast iron small rooster that my husband purchased along with about 30 other ceramic roosters...(I have roosters in my kitchen but not a chicken coop) just to get this little one.... a minature sad iron and stand,  another small set of scales,
and the neatest pair of horned rimmed glasses....(I would LOVE to 
have my lenses put in them....would be so "fun"...)  

Then there is the Buddah type dimensional piece....  I had to replace the leather but other than that a perfect piece.  Beneath the piece was this bit of information taped to the base:  "This ichi-i Wood (named yew=tree in English which has been used as a bow) gets darker in colour with passing of the days and gets bright and shiny.  This wood is hard to crack even if it is under the highest dried condition.  This has an unrwalled beautiful natural grain that has been used practically ingenuously by provincial arts.  

Ichi-i carving which has affluent elegance has been set at a high value at the temple or shrine since three hundred years ago". 

Also if you look closely you will see a pink flamingo.  It has legs that are rods, he stands on one  foot and the base is wood.  To the bottom of this item was attached (each in a tiny little dried out piece of thin plastic). another information piece on the artist.  More about that later this week.

Since taking this photo I have added the photo of the "woman of life" to the right of my lamp and a big something I don't know what it is length wise on the wall adjacent to the wired spools. 

The table everything is setting on was my grandmothers and it was in her seamstress shop...  It was purchased by Larry's aunt Phyllis Connors and she gave it to me the last time we were down there.
It has a very "unique" patina.

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